I have been dancing Argentine Tango for the past 3 years and found that I was developing movement patterns that caused me a lot of pain. Deb took one look at my body and instinctively knew what was happening and what was causing so much pain.

Within a couple of sessions my pain decreased immensely and after several sessions I am now able to dance the night away and feel pain-free. Not bad for a 48-year-old woman.

Thanks to Deb and her knowledge and encouragement, I will continue to strengthen my body in the correct way that supports me body, mind, and soul.

–Barb Maiberger, EMDR Psychotherapist

I started working with Deb Iole in the mid-nineties, when Pilates was new to Denver. I loved her combination of intuition and expertise, which integrates a very high standard of Pilates training. She has a background in rehab and a sense of when to change and when to adapt an exercise or an activity to a client’s needs and ability; I feel an inch taller and much healthier, after a session.

I have had some difficult orthopedic problems in recent years and have not been willing to trust just any physical therapist or trainer. I trust Deb’s experience, her willingness to listen to me and my needs, and her healer personality, to help me strengthen and align my body–can’t wait for my next session!

–Laurie Hirschfeld Zeller

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