Consultations and Group Movement Workshops

Boulderites are fortunate to have a number of Pilates Training Programs right in their backyard. Boulder, Colorado also has highly trained and sophisticated teachers who have graduated from these programs—I am happy to call them my friends.

So why write about “other” Pilates instructors?

I am pointing to the obvious—it is more about how I distinguish myself, and how I approach the community with what I have to offer as an educator and Bodywise Coach. When searching Pilates studios, consider what you want in your Pilates workouts.

If you’re interested in

  • A quiet studio space and highly energetic Pilates workouts
  • Working with someone who was at the forefront of Pilates in Boulder (we’re talking 1987)
  • Trusting someone with your workouts who has studied in many other modalities (only to find that all systems of movement, when taught well, work together)
  • Combining mindbody techniques with Pilates contrology movements

Then look no further—I’m your first choice!

I love to take the work out of the workout and leave you with the afterglow. I respect Mr. Pilates’ original exercises, and my passion is to analyze them and create a method to adapt each unique exercise to each unique need of my students WITHOUT destroying the original intent. This is the heart of Bodywise Coaching.

I am honored to teach a diverse group of students that include men, women, college students, professionals, artists, dancers, runners, triathletes, advanced Pilates students, and beginners alike.

Recently I’m being drawn to work with women who want to focus on all the issues of aging gracefully. My experience with women’s health leads me to assist this group by integrating facial exercise, nutrition, and emotional well-being with personalized Pilates workouts contoured for each individual student—not as an end product, but as a direct focus of energy, balanced body, and vitality!

Building a better world one BODY at a time,

Deborah Iole

Bodywise Coach

Call to schedule your consultation or group event today!



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