Deb Iole, Individual and Group Movement Therapist, Certified Pilates Educator, Public Speaker, and Group Facilitator


Deb Iole is a passionate practitioner who seeks to integrate the body and mind through Pilates.   She truly has a talent for “seeing” the body, and correcting problems that cause pain or discomfort.  She’s also received extensive training in Functional Fitness, a movement and weight training philosophy that helps alleviate chronic pain.  A tango fanatic, Deb also creates individualized and group movement programs to support tango dancers.  She recently joined the staff at Alta Therapies as a Pilates instructor.    

Undergraduate degree in Special Education, Slippery Rock University 1968- 1972    

Graduate Studies in Education and Psychology, Temple University 1972-73    

Advanced Graduate Studies In Movement Therapy, Naropa University 1985-1987    

Pilates Training and Certification thru Pilates Center of Boulder under the Guidance of Romana Kryzanowska, Steve Giordano 1989-1991    

Master Studies with Polestar Education under the guidance of Brent Anderson and Elizabeth Larkham 1996-97    

Successful completion of Manual Therapies Coursework 1995-96    

Trained with Sam Ianetta, Founder of Functional Fitness, LLC 2002-06    

Tango Teachers, 2006-10    

Dance of the Heart- Deb Sclar and Brian Dunn    

Core Tango- Darrell Sanchez and Sue Thompson    

Tom Stermitz    

Natural Tango- Nick Jones    

Deb says, “Movement is life.  Movement in all forms has value, whether you’re dancing in the streets (or in your living room).  Go hiking in the mountains or on a stair master at the gym, take a walk in your neighborhood or at the local shopping district, climb a tree or roll down a hill.  It doesn’t matter if you’re hanging out at the local park, running around with your grandchildren, cleaning the house, or growing gardening…..IT ALL MATTERS!  Leave the technology behind for a short time each day and move!  We all deserve to feel good in our bodies.”

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