Posted by: bodywisecoach | March 6, 2011

The art Of aging Gracefully …Defy Gravity!

The Pilates world is all about “up”.

We cue to “grow taller” with every breath cycle.

We  teach  lengthen and strengthen,float, hover, soar, and much more.

This is fun and rewarding for all of us. Connect our feet to the ground and feel energy travel “up” the spine and out the top of the head!

Often these cues are seemingly esoteric and unattainable,but Pilates educators for many decades have found that this focus is what distinguishes Pilates from other methods of fitness and movement.

I will describe the physical motion of the body and a specific apparatus that Mr. Pilates created  to express these physical sensations.

The ped-u-pull is a freestanding apparatus that motivates the student to find their balance and stability while  energy travels through the spine from bottom to top.

It is a perpendicular pole that stands about 7 feet tall. There is a crossbar at the top,and springs attached are suspended shoulder to mid shoulder height. The student stands facing away or toward the pole,and is asked to align their spinal bones with the pole.

The teacher is certain to adjust the students place, and the cues are given to press down with the arms and “UP” with the spine.

Think figurehead on the bow of a ship .

Fun and rewarding  exercise that is magic.   This exercise delivers the sensation of back body and  front body. The student “Feels” the abdominal core working with the spinal bones and soars up with energy and down with strength.

Yes, Our fronts are actually connected to our  backs!

Gotta Love this Work!!



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