Posted by: bodywisecoach | May 19, 2010

Can Core Strengthening Exercises offer Back Pain Relief?

The core muscles of our body help us to move and function in everyday life.

They allow movement of our “trunk,” arms, and legs. Without strong core muscles we can become weak, hunched, and riddled with painful backaches. As if that’s not enough, once our backs are weak, other muscles begin compensating for the weaker muscles further creating imbalance in our bodies. The effects of imbalanced muscles can range from aches and pains to improperly functioning organs.

Often back pain relief can be achieved by building up the muscles in your core. The powerhouse or core muscles of your torso, include abdominal-wall muscles, pelvic floor muscles, and deep spinal muscles. When these muscles are weak, the effect can be substantial.

Pilates as Back Therapy

When Beginning a Pilates regimen, slowly build up to more advanced moves.  Injuring yourself by getting too advanced too quickly will not support your intentions of greater spine health.

It’s important to find Pilates instructors who can not only teach you the proper exercise movements, but also understand specific conditions of the body and know how to watch for particular alignment issues, what is causing them, and then know how to create a balanced body.

Pilates as back therapy—strengthening specific muscles for back pain relief—requires a skilled and knowledgeable professional. Implementing a consistent exercise program with experienced Pilates personal training, like Bodywise Coaching, will benefit you greatly in the long run by teaching you a sound approach to fitness and keep you safe from injury.

Building a better world one BODY at a time,

Deborah Iole

Bodywise Coach


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