Posted by: bodywisecoach | May 8, 2010

Core Strengthening and Pilates Personal Training

“Contrology develops the body uniformly, corrects wrong postures, restores physical vitality, invigorates the mind, and elevates the spirit.”

—Joseph Pilates

I work with my clients closely and can see where imbalance occurs in their bodies—and in turn, show how you can recognize those imbalances.

  • Which side of the body’s muscles are tighter than the other?
  • Which muscles are overcompensating?
  • And which are not pulling their weight?
  • What is your posture telling me?
  • Is one hip or shoulder higher than the other?
  • Are you standing in your calves or in your feet?

We achieve that delicate balance of bringing awareness to these physical nuances by building strength intuitively. Noticing the subtle differences is the first step in achieving awareness through core strengthening.

Core strengthening is More Than Working Core Muscles

When you train with the Bodywise Coach Pilates method, you use a mindbody approach to the alignment dance. The Pilates connection—each core muscle is connected through breath, movement, and focus. The slightest adjustments in thought and intent can make all the difference when building a balanced mindbody.

I openly acknowledge the correlation of being physically fit and the feeling of happiness. You are free to release fears and doubts about your spine health, body image, and overall self-awareness. As one of the most experienced Pilates instructors in Boulder, I will help you connect to your body, and encourage you to express your best self through focused movement.

Building a better world one BODY at a time,

Deborah Iole

Bodywise Coach


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