Posted by: bodywisecoach | May 5, 2010

The Alignment Dance: Pilates, Breath, and Motion

The only thing you absolutely must do today…is breathe.

Breath is essential when it comes to a balanced body and a balanced mind. Bodywise Coaching workouts are core workouts that reflect fitness mind body Spirit. Part of the meditation of life revolves around nothing but breath. When you bring the breath together with refined stretching and resistance, Pilates core strength exercises become intertwined as meditation.

Breathe in, connect, focus, and engage. Even the Pilates beginner can methodically use breath and exercise in this way—but for the advanced, a core workout can become an alignment dance: Pilates, breath, and motion. As muscle builds quiet confidence, strong resilience, and limber temperance, movement becomes fluid and directed. You become aware of your body being connected to a greater part of yourself.

When you are:

  • Feeling
  • Seeing
  • Sensing
  • Moving the breath through the body
  • Focusing on movement

These are the elements that build core strength in my clients.

Joseph Pilates said, “Contrology is complete coordination of body, mind, and spirit.” My mission is to teach my clients to connect with their bodies in order to reconnect to their Spirits. This can be achieved through breath and movement. The success of this alignment dance is the Pilates connection—I celebrate with you.

Building a better world one BODY at a time,

Deborah Iole

Bodywise Coach


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