Posted by: bodywisecoach | April 20, 2010

Bridging the Gap; Using the Art of Contology in your life

As I walk into my studio I feel an alarming desire to add new flooring, change the lighting, paint a wall, clean my equipment, and well..I don’t think I want to prattle on about this,  yet at the risk of not sounding too sophmoric.”controlling ” my outer life supports me so that I can connect to my  inner physcial sensations.. Yes ?

The feeling of  a muscle contract, or a group of muscles warmly expand, the tingly  feeling of warm clear water flowing through my veins,  the flush of color tinged with a bit of sweat travelling  through my skin, or just the gurgling sounds of movement in my core,  all of these “feelings” are inner sensations responding to something on the outside.

When I  feel the inside house cleaning I am not so confoundingly obsessed with the outside house  cleaning. I get on with my movement, I notice the light scattered through my  studio, the clarity of the sunny color on the walls that reflects beautifully the light of the day continually  streaming through the window.

and then I realize I have been controlling the energy the whole time with not a sponge or a mop in sight….The Flush of color, light and sound, the cleaning out of my gunky mindless energy which is  transfomed by doing leg and hip stretches, bridging spinal extensions, curling, side bending, twisting and turning… I think I may be experiencing  the Pilates method that I know and love.

It is so much more  Than a bunch of exercises neatly and succintly taught.

It is the art of living …The Art of Contology

P.S. It does clean your house,  from the inside out!

Building a Better World One BODY at a Time,

Deb Iole

Bodywise Coach


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